Exercise 4: Protraction-Retraction

Exercise 4: Protraction-Retraction

Exercise 4 looks at the protraction and retraction of the head. Sounds easy, but this is typically where we are most rigid, through poor posture and constantly looking down are computers or phones.

Facing away from your pulley or anchor, stand tall, shoulders square and core engages. From here push your nose as far forward as you can in a controlled manner, maintaining a good shape, from here bring your head back to neutral and repeat. This should be performed in a controlled manner and not jerked.

Facing your pull or anchor, allow your nose to move as far forward towards your anchor point as you can, whilst maintaining band tension. From here retract your head backwards, keeping your chin tucked and squeeze when you are at the end of your ROM. Slowly move your face forwards and repeat.

Note. If you find it difficult to move your head forwards and backwards independent of the shoulders, start with doing it without the Iron Neck unit on your head, however push your tongue to the roof of your mouth, then perform it resistance free.

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