In physics, dissipation embodies the concept of a dynamical system where mechanical modes lose energy over time, typically due to the action of friction or turbulence. The lost energy is converted into heat, raising the temperature of the system. Such systems are called dissipative systems. The Iron Neck turns the neck of an athlete into a efficient and very effective dissipative system. 

A strong neck creates greater force dissipation - when we dissipate force from a blow to the head effectively we can help prevent and minimize concussions.

When a blow occurs to the head the mechanical mode (neck muscles) resist the blow by dissipating the force by slowing and stopping the head movement - this can help prevent whiplash and protect the brain from concussive forces.

The Iron Neck strengthens the neck by applying functionally dynamic horizontal and rotational resistance during neck training. Our goal is to help in the prevention of concussions and neck injuries by increasing an athlete’s neck strength, range of motion and flexibility. Greater neck strength equals greater force dissipation which can help reduce neck injuries and concussions.