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The Remaker

The Remaker

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The Remaker is the ultimate portable and lightweight measuring device to train, test and track strength and training progress. This is an ideal pairing with the Iron Neck or Alpha Harness for isometrically testing neck strength, attaching to a bar of rack for other isometric strength testing.

The pocket sized Remaker device, will measure each rep and/or training percentage and the app/software will log it all, allowing you to assess your session and track your or that of your clients progress.
The Remaker attaches to wall bars, racks for isometric testing, but also between a handle and machine for accurate in session logging or reps and effort

Size-132mm x 78mm x 15mm
Tension Capacity-0-500kg (5KN
Battery Life-24 Hours (6 months in sleep mode)
Status Indication: RGB LED

Your Remaker can be paired with software to suit your needs, whether this is individual use, PT Clients, Teams or clinic use, there is a software package to suit. 

    Please provide us with your email address when ordering so that the unit can be activated, you can then decide which software option is best suited to your needs. The software/app can be purchase annually or monthly and is not included with this purchase. Software starts from as little as £9.60/month

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