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The Breath Belt

The Breath Belt

The Breath Belt

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THE BREATH BELT was developed by NFL player Jesse Ohliger, it is a patented diaphragmatic breath training tool that activates the gluteal muscles by keeping the abdominals turned on thru dynamic movement. The nonstop, tactile diaphragmatic breath cues alleviate muscles and fascial restriction of the abdominal muscles, allowing the Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum Muscles to function with less restriction.

THE BREATH BELT is made specifically for serious athletes, made with high quality, mobile and durable material to handle loads of world class strength and power athletes. 

THE BREATH BELT can be applied thru multiple areas of training from dynamic warmup, rotational power and speed movements, heavy hinge work, active cool down and recovery. This early success hip extension tool has quickly become a staple in the Powerlifting Community, and is  used by a wide range of male and female collegiate, professional and Olympic sports teams including the USA Olympic Swimming and Dive teams. THE BREATH BELT is also a medical product used as a better option to the traditional back brace as it is the only product of its kind designed to alleviate back pain as an active (vs. passive) training tool.


 Brand -            THE BREATH BELT

Made in USA - NO

Color -             BLACK


THE BREATH BELT is one size fits all. Comfortably fits male and female athletes from US size 30 to 40 waist. 


  • Created by Jesse Ohliger
  • Strong, durable and mobile material
  • Patented internal distraction sleeves
  • Sizes: fits comfortably for US waist size 30-40 
  • Color: Black and Silver



  • Enhance BreathingEnhance Diaphragmatic Breathing – Improving Performance
  • Reduce Back PainTurn on Psoas & QL Muscles via Tactile Breath Cues to Stabilize the Spine
  • Regulates StressIncreasing Lung Capacity & Allows Your Nervous System to Maintain a Relaxed State.
  • Align HipsLengthens Tight Hip Flexors, Balancing the Hips and Decompressing Lumbar Spine
  • Recover FasterWhen You Breath Better, Fuller, and Deeper – You Recover Faster
  • Train Intra Abdominal PressureEncourage an Unrestricted Diaphragm, Allowing Abdominals to maintain their Elasticity
  • Rehab CatalystKeep Hips Balanced Pre-Post Operation or Rehabilitation
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