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OptiNeck Balance Wedge

OptiNeck Balance Wedge

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The OptiNeck Balance Wedge® is a unique, patented treatment and exercise device. It was created by a Physio with over 25 years experience specialising in the treatment of neck and shoulder pain.

By specifically mobilising joints and stretching muscles it corrects the real cause of neck and shoulder pain, helping you rediscover pain-free movement.

This "game-changing" product is easy to use and immediately rewarding, which is why, when asked, most users say "I love my Balance Wedge"!

This product/tool has been developed to help mobilise and offer relief. It is the perfect partner to the Iron Neck. Mobilise the neck, upper back with the OptiNeck and then strengthen these areas, it really is the perfect pairing.

Suitable for home use, physiotherapy clinics or sports team gyms.

Made in the UK from EVA Foam, similar to Foam Rollers.

OptiNeck is a classed as a medical product, there is no VAT charged or claimable.

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