Professional Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists and sports therapists are called upon to address any number of issues from general public to sports persons.

Having access to the Iron Neck is a quick and engaging way of making an improvement almost instantly. It’s easy to use, comfortable for all users and you can either attach it to a structure and guide your patient through movements or you provide the movement and your patient resists it.

Having the ability to treat the neck safely and effectively will make you and your clinic standout from the rest. We have supplied the Iron Necks to private clinics including The Bosworth Clinic, Stronglines and to professional sports teams physiotherapists including England Rugby. Depending your clients ability, we advise having a selection of bands, starting with a lighter resistance band for those early in their injury journey or those with very little strength.

We have found that many of the issues can be addressed by simply engaging and using the neck muscles. We have heard clients say their pain and discomfort is greatly reduced after couple of neck training sessions and their neck feels more stable and “on” than before.

No matter what your speciality is as a professional therapist, you and your clients will benefit from having the Iron Neck as a treatment option.