Neck & Back Pain

With the amount of technology available today, our spine and neck health is suffering as a result. Opting to train the neck with the Iron Neck, trains the entire kinetic chain.

Because the neck and spine are designed to flex, extend, rotate, protract and retract at varying speeds and degrees, you should train this wide variety of capabilities.

Iron Neck is the only device on the market allowing a full 360 degree approach to neck training, which then benefits the spin. The term “text neck” is often flouted, although not a totally true condition, being slouched using your phone or computer all day, every day is going to lead to pain and discomfort in the neck, upper thoracic and lower back, because the head is heavy.

Ensuring the neck is trained and strong, you can ward off the pain and stiffness as your neck is conditioned to hold the structure below the head true. Iron Neck has been used to treat and cure whiplash injuries post accidents or from playing sports, Scoliosis, nerve impingement, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Sciatic, Kyphosis and general back pain. By understanding and addressing the neck and the entire kinetic chain, through using the Iron Neck and traditional forms of strength training, you will lead a more pain free and active lifestyle.